Episode 12: Deadly Friend (1986) Podferatu

In which Jorge and JT discuss robotics, basketball, and a pre-Buffy The Vampire Slayer Kristy Swanson!


One thought on “Ep. 12: Deadly Friend (1986)

  1. Okay… THANK YOU! Years ago when IMDb had message boards I asked what movie has a scene where someone is killed by what I thought was a basketball and I had to say “Not Deadly Friend!” because it’s the only answer I got. So I just watched the Fear No Evil scene and that might be it! 😃 I’m still not 100% sure as it’s a scene I caught a glimpse of sooo many years ago but it’s definitely kind of what I remember in my head. Yay! It’s bugged me for years. Oh, and I’m glad someone besides me likes Deadly Friend. Yay again! This makes me want to rewatch it again – not seen it in a while. (But I do also love A Nightmare On Elm Street. Sorry) 😉

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